With the view of faroese mountains in the fall of 2012, the founder of STATE, Jon Andersen, who is a former Semi-professional football player, had the idea of creating the best possible functional beverages than what was found on the market today. Functional beverages with the aim of helping people achieve a desired positive mental and physical condition.

After having the idea Jon went out and gathered a team of world class experts, eliteathletes and top-performers. All worked together intensively for years to create the best functional drink, in all respects.

3 years later STATE was finally ready.

With many of the founders unique knowledge about performance and performance enhancement as well as huge – both positive and negative experiences with –energy and sports drinks, in extremely performance-related industries, the idea for the first STATE was obvious: To create the perfect performance drink, providing fast, balanced and prolonged energy. A drink helping people perform and feeling better in all occasions from work to sports.

STATE Drinks ApS
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