STATE® is the energy drink for everybody, who wish to achieve a unique combination of a high and longer lasting level of energy.

Made from the best available ingredients – composed for you – for enjoyment and unique performances.

In addition to caffeine, taurine, B-vitamins B6 and B12 – which helps reduce fatigue – STATE contains Palatinose / Isomaltulose (3%). STATE also contains 300 mg green tea extract.

Produced in Denmark. No artificial flavors.





STATE is proud to present a number of official ambassadors, all of which are among the absolute national elite in their field. We take pride in being associated with our official ambassadors and follow their progress and accomplishments.


STATE focuses on unique performances and athletes who perform great on both the physical and mental level and constantly develops both, have our utmost respect.

Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is one of the best midfielders in European football. At the age of 25, Christian has played 75 games for the Danish national team and has been awarded Danish football player of the year in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017, hence, it is no wonder the Danish Tottenham player is a coveted guy.

Kevin Magnussen STATE

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is Denmark’s pride within Formula 1. He represents the Haas F1 Team and at the age of 25 his name is already in the history books as he is the only Dane who has achieved a podium position in a Formula 1 race. In Kevin’s first Formula 1 race, Australian Grand Prix, he achieved a 2. place, which is his best performance until now. With STATE in his blood we look forward to see what the future brings for Kevin.

Pernille Harder

Captain of the Danish national team and one of the best female footballers in the world. Pernille Harder was only 16 years old, when she had her debut at the senior national team – and scored a hattrick. Since then her journey send her to Linköping in Sweden before she transfered to VfL Wolfsburg in the strongest female football league.

Simone Boye

Simone Boye is a professional female football player at FC Rosengaard in Sweden and at the Danish national team. Back in 2014 she received the prestigious award as the Danish Female Football Player of the Year. Together with the national team, she won a silver medal at the European Championship 2017.

Benjamin Gabrielsen

Benjamin Gabrielsen is a Danish long jumper, who represents Sparta Athletics. Benjamin has won the Danish championship both indoor and outdoor and his personal record is 7.76 m. Benjamin strives to become one of the best long jumpers in the world.


The experienced Line Trans Hansen and the tall, talented Maria Tyndeskov are the newly formed beach volleyball team. The team represent both Aarhus and Odense Beach Volley Club and the Danish national beach volley team. The team won the Danish cup and national championship in 2017 and strive for international championships in the future.

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is Denmark’s tennis darling no. 1 and one of the most famous female athletes in the world. Most of her professional career she has been in the top of the WTA ranking and has several times achieved ranking as no. 1 in the world, which is also the case here in the beginning of 2018. Caroline is the only Scandinavian female tennis player who has accomplished this ranking. In 2017 she won the WTA final in Singapore and at Australian Open 2018, she concurred her first Grand Slam. Today, Caroline has won 27 WTA tournaments and has represented Denmark at the Olympics, latest also as flag bearer in 2016.

Anders Antonsen

Anders Antonsen is Denmark’s new promising badminton talent, representing AB Aarhus. The 20 year-old Dane has taken both the Danish and International scene by storm and is currently ranked no. 15 on the BWF World Rankings in Men’s Singles. Anders won the Danish Championship in 2017 and again in 2018.

Stine Jørgensen - STATE ambassador

Stine Jørgensen

Stine Jørgensen is not only a big profile in the Danish Handball League playing for Odense Håndbold. She has been a part of the national team since 2010 and is now leading the squad as captain. Stine Jørgensen has won several titles – both national championships and cup tournaments – and several times she has won personal awards, including Female Handball Player of the Year and Female National Team Player of the Year.

Daniel Skaaning

Daniel Skaaning is a talented, Danish swimmer from Swim Team Taastrup and VAT Copenhagen. Daniel holds the Danish record of 200 meters individual medley for seniors (Danish Open 2017). He represented Denmark at the Olympics in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, and aims to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

Julie Hougård Nielsen

Julie Hougård Nielsen has been an elite swimmer but a few years ago her interest in Crossfit grew bigger than the interest in swimming. Today, Julie is one of the best female Crossfitters in Denmark. The 26 year old woman from Fyn studies medicine on The University of Southern Denmark and when does not have her head in the books she works hard on qualifying for the Crossfit Regionals -corresponding to the European Championship in Crossfit. 

Jens Bangsbo

Jens Bangsbo is co-founder of STATE and professor at the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. He is one of the most acknowledged performance and exercise physiologists in Europe and has published multiple scientific articles and several books on physical training. Jens is former assistant coach of the Danish national football team and of Juventus FC.









With the view of faroese mountains in the fall of 2012, the founder of STATE, Jon Andersen, who is a former Semi-professional football player, had the idea of creating the best possible functional beverages than what was found on the market today. Functional beverages with the aim of helping people achieve a desired positive mental and physical condition.

After having the idea Jon went out and gathered a team of world class experts, eliteathletes and top-performers. All worked together intensively for years to create the best functional drink, in all respects.

3 years later STATE was finally ready.

With many of the founders unique knowledge about performance and performance enhancement as well as huge – both positive and negative experiences with –energy and sports drinks, in extremely performance-related industries, the idea for the first STATE was obvious: To create the perfect performance drink, providing fast, balanced and prolonged energy. A drink helping people perform and feeling better in all occasions from work to sports.

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